My van life

Do you own a van? Are you keen to explore other horizons?

My Van Life offers off-the-beaten-path excursions in Europe and Morocco that you can experience aboard your own van and share with a like-minded group of people!


The idea is simple: follow our itinerary at your own pace, either on your own or with a group, thanks to our exclusive electronic navigation system (“Tripy”), and meet up with the group in the evening to share your adventures.


All of our tours are supervised by experienced guides aboard their own 4X4s.

Hit the road from Monday to Friday!

We’ll meet up on Monday morning at 8:30 for a one-hour briefing breakfast, during which we’ll give you the rundown on the route, give you your Tripy roadbook with the itineraries to follow and ideas of places to visit along the route. (This is optional. It’s your trip; you’re free to plan your day as you wish.)

By meeting on Monday morning, you can make your way to our meeting point comfortably from your home, and by ending the trip on Friday evening or Saturday morning (depending on the itinerary), you can either return home or keep the adventure going (our guides will brief you on what you need to know for an unaccompanied ride).


Why travel with us?

  • Strength in numbers:traveling as a group is easier and more comfortable! It’s easier to travel through the different countries when you know you have someone there to lend a hand if you run into tough times.
  • Touring without “touring”: our team will plot out the routes for you but it’s your ride – you’re free to hit the road at your pace and follow your own interests, either alone or with a group.
  • Time to smell the roses:Each leg of the trip is made up of 4-5 hours of driving time, maximum, which leaves you plenty of time to discover your surroundings and make the most of the stunning landscapes we’ll cover.

Who should travel with us?

  • Any van owner who’s eager to experience a unique travel adventure. Our trips are family friendly – bring the kids, bring your friends, everyone is welcome! They’ll love it!
  • Our routes are adapted to 4X2s and 4X4s, with both simple routes and off-road options.

How does it work?

  • Groups are limited to 20 vehicles.
  • You can ride alone or with a group. We’ll provide you with an electronic roadbook known as Tripy, that will provide directions, meeting points, points of interest along the route and any obstacles to look out for. This way, everyone can ride at their own pace and stop where they like (to take photos, shop, etc.) without getting lost and without the pressure of riding as a group.
  • Each day’s route includes no more than 4-5 hours of driving, so you have time to take in the scenery and to rest.
  • Accommodation:we organize lodging for you. On your first 2 nights and your final 2 nights, we’ll be sleeping in “bivouac” style accommodation with stunning décor surrounded by nature. We’ll spend the third night in a comfortable campground, where you’ll be able to shower and top up on supplies such as water.
  • Meals:each evening, you’ll enjoy a traditional local meal prepared onsite and shared with the group so you can collectively debrief on the day’s events. For breakfast and lunch, you are free to organize your meals as you wish. Did you spot a local restaurant that looks tantalizing? Fancy some quick street food? Do you prefer lounging over your morning coffee in a unique spot? The choice is yours!

Sample itinerary

  • Day 1:We welcome you at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast. We’ll brief you on the trip and give you your Tripy electronic roadbook, which contains the maps and directions for the route. We’ll share dinner together and spend the night in a “bivouac” style lodge.
  • Day 2:Breakfast on your own – road trip – dinner as a group at the lodge – sleep in a “bivouac” style lodge.
  • Day 3:Breakfast on your own – road trip – dinner as a group at the campground – sleep in a campground.
  • Day 4:Breakfast on your own – road trip – dinner as a group at the lodge – sleep in a “bivouac” style lodge.
  • Day 5:Breakfast on your own – road trip – dinner as a group to celebrate the end of the trip at the lodge – sleep in a “bivouac” style lodge.


You and your vehicle’s security are our top priorities. That’s why:

  • Our travel groups are registered with local authorities and each participant’s embassy is informed of the trip (for French travellers, you’ll be placed on the “fil d’ariane” list).
  • Our groups are always accompanied by an experienced local guide who knows the roads like the back of their hand and who speaks the local language.
  • Our team is equipped with satellite mobile phones and a Garmin InReach so we can contact GEOS emergency search and rescue services (can also be contacted by satellite).
  • We offer medical and return travel insurance from our partner Tokyo Marine (optional).

Why Morocco and not Tunisia? Two reasons:

  • Our teams are constantly travelling the world with a variety of different clients. Safety is our utmost concern. While travel always comes with a risk of danger, we feel that the security conditions in Tunisia, while improving, still pose enough of a risk that we would prefer not to offer this option to our clients at this time.
  • Our vast experience with both countries has led us to conclude that the geography in Morocco, as well as the road network and the variety of landscapes are more suitable to van travel.

English version of our next travel is coming very soon - FR version of the website is up to date.

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